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Baby Kaely - Bully lyrics

Dumb brother took my seat. (OH WELL) Time to find another seat. (OH WELL) Got inspired to write on this beat. (KAELY) And now its time for you to see (How well) I can spit. Bully always pickin on me. Now this fucking bully can see. Just how mad I can be. Wait till I snap he´ll see. Niggas bustin for no reason, out of they mind. Surrounding me after school, I don´t have the time. Don´t take my money away bully thats mine. I ain´t gon fight back, take my money thats fine. Ha! You think yall niggas scare me? Nah I don´t think so, I keep the flow 100 yo. Time to go, I got things to do. And I´m sure that you do to. Time has flew, but man who knew I whip yall asses like ching chu. Its the beginning of a new season. Whippin new asses and for new reasons. Henchman scared of me so they commit treason. Niggas get they face in a weird weazen. Imma nigga from way up! Tell you niggas now like whats up. Niggas like me dont give 2 fucks. Nigga I wear the same shit no tie no tux
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But nigga it´s funny. Cause what if it was you. Don´t know what to do. Im comin for you nigga. So funny how all of these other girl and these boy rappers put they skills to the test. They get too cocky. Get ahead of themselves. But they ain't even got a motherfucking record on the shelve. And now adays it just feels like im doing shit myself. Got bars for days, my raps so hot them niggas melt. I help nobody. Nobody help me. As they can see. Im not the best on beat nope! Sometimes I get off track. Sometimes I tend to slack. Sometimes I have to go back. YEP! So fuck that shit. Fuck that shit. Fuck you and yo other bullies

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