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B. White - Oh! lyrics

Lets Go
Oh! (repeat xs 4)

[Verse 1]
Lets get it cracking im back where the f** I wanna be at
I lost so much Im trying to get some of me back
Independent till Im ended I dont run with a pack
Bottle of rum weed dabbing with a gun on my lap
Now get to beating the beat up i run the city my feet up
They trying to meet up and work while im trying to work on my reup
Cuase im the piece of the puzzle that ain't been properly placed
From no pot to piss in to profit to watch it erase
Im from McKee city see a pistol pop in your face
So lace em up im up at 8 you can't walk in a race
Bobbing and Weave im on offense ain't no stopping my pace
A sight to see Im undeniable your watching my grace
See a bubble make it double when you shock at the base
Im eating good but I ain't greedy say Im watching my weight
But from a distance I can see a snake plot on my plate
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And its popular face lately so im watching my safe Im like

[Verse 2]
Powder on the scale weed in the joint
And that ain't unusual let me get to the point
Look I see 1 cop 2 cop 3 cop 4
Its a swarm on the crib see them coming for my door
So I dump it and flush it jump out the window im dipping
They trying to catch me they tripping the get away is a given
But still Im 30 toting shirley so just living is winning
Rather be swimming in linen over be sitting in prison
But mediocrity is poverty to me anymore
The only thing that I ain't got in life I need is a tour (Go!)
Smoked out comatose edible high
Documenting my narrative through this legible scribe
And to say Im not a dreamer is an incredible lie
But no talent will trump work what a respectable try
When the fire loses fuel the reflection will die
And when the smoke turns to ash youll see me in the sky (Go!)

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