All B-legit Songs

Songs In album
1 Dame * Hard 2 B-Legit
4 Tha Scrilla -
43 -
A Breath of Fresh Air -
Actin' Bad -
Ain't Hard 2 Find -
Airheads -
Alcoholism -
All Tha Time -
Ask About Me -
B-Legit * Tryin' to Get a Buck
b**h Please -
Bag Habit * Hard 2 B-Legit
Ballin' is Fun -
Be About Yo' Paper -
Bela Bluntz * Throwblock Muzic
Blaze It * Hempin' Ain't Easy
Block Movement, Pt. 2 * Throwblock Muzic
Blowin' Hot Air -
Borrow Yo' Broad -
Brought Us Back Chablis * Tryin' to Get a Buck
Bust Yo sh** -
Cali-O -
Can My Nine Get Ate Hemp Museum
Can't **** W'it Me * Tryin' to Get a Buck
Can't Stop Me * Tryin' to Get a Buck
Carlo Rossi -
Check It Out The Hemp Museum
Choppin' Blades -
City 2 City The Hemp Museum
City To City The Hemp Museum
Come On -
Cool Beans -
Cutla** -
D Boye * Throwblock Muzic
D-Boy Blues The Hemp Museum
Daily Routine * Tryin' to Get a Buck
Dank Game * Tryin' to Get a Buck
Dank Room * Tryin' to Get a Buck
Destiny Hempin' Ain't Easy
Do What You Do -
Doin' Dirt Bad -
Don't Blame it on Me -
Don't Do It The Hemp Museum
Don't Do It (Interlude) * Hemp Museum
Drugs -
Drunk in San Francisco -
Drunk in San Fransisco -
Feelin' * Hard 2 B-Legit
Fo' Real * Hard 2 B-Legit
For So Long The Hemp Museum
Freak Show Throwblock Muzic
G.A.M.E. Mac Dre Tribute All Stars
Get This Money Throwblock Muzic
Get's Down Like That The Hemp Museum
Ghetto Smile The Hemp Museum
Ghetto Smile (instrumental) -
Ghetto Smile (radio version) -
Ghetto Smile (TV Track) -
God Take Care of Babies & Fools -
Gold Ones * Hempin' Ain't Easy
Gotta Buy Your Dope From Us The Hemp Museum
Gouda -
Grape Wine * Hempin' Ain't Easy
H.I. Double L. -
Hands on Them Knees * Throwblock Muzic
Hard Head n***a * Hempin' Ain't Easy
Headed To The Cla**ic Tape (1996) -
Hector Da Ho Protector -
Highest n***az in the Industry -
Highway* -
Hoo' Ride Ant Banks -
Hood Ratz And Knuckleheads * Hempin' Ain't Easy
Hot Ones Echo Thru the Ghetto -
I Ain't Doin' Nothin -
I Get Down -
I Like What You Do to Me -
I'm Dying With Mine * Hempin' Ain't Easy
I'm Singlin' * Hard 2 B-Legit
If You Don't Know Me * Hard 2 B-Legit
It's All the Same -
It's Going Down (Fo Sheezy Remix) -
It's Going Down (Remix) -
It's In The Game Hempin' Ain't Easy
Just Living * Tryin' to Get a Buck
Keep It Movin' Hard 2 B-Legit
Keep It P.I. * Hempin' Ain't Easy
Later Nighter * Tryin' to Get a Buck
Learn About It -
Let's Get Drunk -
Let's Side -
Lil Mama Throwblock Muzic
Livin' Like a Hustler, Pt. 2 -
Lounge Beat * Throwblock Muzic
Luv 2 Get High * Hard 2 B-Legit
Marijuana What We Been Doin
Million Dollar Spot -
Mob -
Mob sh** -
Mobbin' in My Old School -
Mobbin' My Old School -
Money Love Us -
Mr. Flamboyant -
My Flow Of Cash Hemp Museum
N***** Get They Wig Split The Hemp Museum
n***a sh** -
n***as Get They Wig Split The Hemp Museum
n***az Get They Wig Split The Hemp Museum
Neva Bite The Hemp Museum
Northern Califoolya -
Num Num Juice -
Out My Body -
Outsmart the Po-Po's -
Outta Town -
Physical Throwblock Muzic
Play 2 Much * Hard 2 B-Legit
Playa Partner -
Pop Ya Collar -
Pray For Me -
Rap Star Hempin' Ain't Easy
Rear View Mirror -
Ridin & Smokin -
Rock Up My Birdie -
Rollin' Wit Hustlers The Hemp Museum
Same Since '88 -
Savage -
Say Dat Den -
Scandalous -
Scared Man * Hempin' Ain't Easy
Shinnin * Throwblock Muzic
Sideways -
Sittin * Throwblock Muzic
Sittin' On Chrome 1996 (Mixtape) -
Smob Out * Tryin' to Get a Buck
So International Hard 2 B-Legit
So International (feat. Too Short) -
Stick Wit Her Well Connected Compilation
Stickem Throwblock Muzic
Straight Fool * Hard 2 B-Legit
Stunna Man * Throwblock Muzic
T.R.A.P. (Pack Gone) -
Talkin' sh** -
Tanji -
The Corruptor's Execution -
The Game Is Cold Hempin' Ain't Easy
The Hemp Museum The Hemp Museum
The Savage * Tryin' to Get a Buck
The World Is A Mutha * Hempin' Ain't Easy
To All My Playaz * Hempin' Ain't Easy
Touch You There * Hempin' Ain't Easy
Tryin' to Get a Buck * Tryin' to Get a Buck
V-Town -
Valley Joe -
Victor Baron -
Way Too Vicious * Tryin' to Get a Buck
We Don't f** Wit' That -
We Get Dough * Hard 2 B-Legit
What Happened to the Groupies -
What They Talkin' About * Hempin' Ain't Easy
What U Thought * Hard 2 B-Legit
What You Gon' Do About It -
Whatcha Talkin' * Hard 2 B-Legit
Where Is This Going Throwblock Muzic
Where My b**hes At * Throwblock Muzic
Where The Gangstas At Hempin' Ain't Easy
Why You Wanna Funk? -
Wolf Tickets -
Yay Deep -