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B Dub - I'm So Appalled lyrics

[B Dub]
I'm so appalled, I need to be applauded
This that crack music, I need to be deported
b**h, I'm the sh**, I need to see a toilet
About to k** the beat, give it Rigor Mortis
Tracks get smashed, instrumentals get tarnished
You caused a thunderstorm, but I started global warming
Mission is aborted, I'll finish in the morning
Pick up where I started, Then k** it while I'm yawning
Live and be a villain, I'll die and be a hero
Because I will save the game like a card with the memo
You ain't in the game, you're just lost in the demo
Your chain don't bling, and your car is a rental
Floss like a dental, I'll show you how to rhyme
Burn the instrumental, I got the hottest lines
b**h, I'm the bomb, and you're running out of time
I get that Parmesan, you should call me Papa John

[Kidd Khaos]
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Rhymes moving, ground-breaking like they're plate tectonics
In the age of technology, lyrics electronic
My database is one they took on
Metaphors for newer generations to get hooked on...
Mainstreamers inject children with stupidity
But I'm hot, I flow with such fluidity
Magma from the bars of my mouth turns ice cubes into humidity
See someone as sick as me?
Don't question my validity
Tired of big-timers, they're inconstant lyrically
The rhymes from my mind, yeah they shine into infinity
They're the type that'll shell out the industry
Year after year, they will sell out facilities
My sk**s tight like skinnys on a Jerker
My melic is fundamental, it is one that'll work ya
I move heavy weight like factory workers
Lyrically, I cripple you...
You're gonna need a nurse, bra

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