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AZN - Got Rice? lyrics

It's the A.Z.N, n***a f** the rest.
Dallas to New York jigga, we the best.
Vietnam to Japan to Mongolia. Philippines to Taiwan to Cambodia.
Korea, ah... ah... Hometown: China, who you got, huh?
You got sh** n***a, feel the size.
It's the A.Z.N better recognize.
Got rice, b**h? Got rice?
Got food, got soup, got spice?
Got brains like us? Got sk**s like us?
Got cars, got clothes, got girls like us?
Whats up, we the sh** and we k** ya'll fools. We got money in the bank from our family j**els.
Can we help it if we raid and corrupt the schools?
It don't matter, f** the law. sh**, we break the rules.
We jack cars, pop games, yo we got the tools.
Hoop it up, break it down, then we shoot some pools.
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f** with me, you f** with all, b**h, don't think its cool.
One on one? f** THAT, it's three-on-one, no duels!
Got rice, b**h? Got rice?
Anything you can show that is nice?
Got cash, got moves, got thoughts like us?
f** no hell you white, you'll never be like us.
Take off your shoes before you enter please, or crawl around on the floor with your f**in' knees.
Don't mind the smell, you'll get used to it.
Moth balls, dried squid, and that Buddha sh**.
What the hell is that? You think I don't see?
No forks in the house, chopsticks only.
Have a taste, don't be scared, try the lemon tea. You don't want? That's alright, try the Pho Com Le.
Got rice, b**h? Got rice?
Got luck every time you roll the dice?
Good luck is bad unless you run and hide, 'cause we're thugs for life baby. Asian Pride!

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