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AYoinmotion - Roman's Taxi lyrics

Intro: conversation in the Taxi between Ayo and Roman

Verse 1:
Heavy like a chevy
I shed the weight
Focus on my fate I could shape it
Goal is to be great I could cape it
You know superman fly
Life is kryptonite
That's when superman dies
f** fantasy, dealing with reality
Trying to beat gravity
Of haters being mad at me
I found clarity

The formula:
Do more doubt less
Stay calm some stress
Feel fear repress
Take breaks recess

From a city where the rich man lies
Poor man cries, layman dies
While everyone tries
To make it
No dough take it
Bake it now you got a cake
Cut a slice then
Let your fam eat
Let your friends feast
Let my thoughts beast

Optimus Prime to lyrics
Verses become hieroglyphics
My flow of the wall
So I MJ, be obliged to listen
While I glisten like a piston I am Sisten Chapel
Dave Chapelle my punch lines
The boy is really dope
Get your fix like Olivia pope
Take hits off my hits, Ayo is your Fitz
Give me 2 years that prophesy dawg
Busy with your girl I need privacy dawg
All you do is bark, bark at me dawg/dog

Watch my bite, catch my light
Angels permeate my space
Drape me with lace
I bask in their grace
Smile on my face
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I mask my pain
No one sees you cry if you stand in the rain
Cocky but at times
I fear all this might be in vain

Skipped law school for music
Happiness is having talent and you use it
Don't try to excuse it or recuse it
And go the safe route, that's not what am about
Go the safe route, that's not what am about
Go the safe route, that's not what am about
Go the safe route, that's not what am about
That's not what am about

Ayo and Roman's conversation resumes..

Verse 2:
It was all a dream
Drive to the top
Like it was all a beam
Plotting my moves
Like it was all a scheme
Stunting on these tracks
Like it was all a film
Put the tape on
No need to make up
Stories just memories
On how I came up
Young boy from Lagos
Shinning like Jacob
My heritage was coming of age
With a degree of rage in a city with no cage
Opportunity on the low
Crime on the high
Let the plane fly
Flint in my eyes
Homies rock timbs like they just got a prize
Fronting like their fly
Take the tag off
Wrong thing said, things could really pop off
Arguing about J's
While Jordan getting paid

It's a tale of cool cities
Pretty to the gritty
New to the old
The story is getting told
The story's getting told
My story's getting told

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