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AYoinmotion - Painful Truth lyrics

Intro: Yeshiva, playful truths people don't want to hear

People are commodities
Demarcate the city
Calling them gritty
Being black is a pity

So they throw color
You get red lining
Yo they claim honor
But they are not trying
Banks smile in your face

Not trying to give you access
Play you like recess
Games stuck reset
System is a defect
Rejection is a reflex

Metaphor, for how they decrease services
To racial minorities, atrocities long like
Crazy facebook statuses
What's callous is what's callous is
How they treat black businesses
(ad lib- it's messed up)

My head is stuck
With Heavy thoughts
I split it up
In two cups
So drink up
Or shut the f** up

They say f** you
We are not trying to think
We just trying to chill
We just trying to drink

I said f** yall I got a vice too
So now am not taking my advice too
Trying to drown my lips in something 5'2
Long legs nice waist and she's fine too

She told me:
Hold your painful truths tonight I got needs
Be a vulture, now feed
You know what to do, you can get it boo
Go on get it boo, go on get it boo

Painful truth I know you want lies
Painful truth I know you want lies

Marisela: Red lining, kids crying, people dying
Giving up, we are not trying

Emotions below the surface
Covered up like a scared face
Hustle music that scar face
As I brace to face the race
Chase to be the ace
Living at any given pace

These days share my thoughts
Seldom not concerned with the random's
Who hate with a fandom
Plotting that you fail and then some
Success can come at a ransom

Not rich enough to pay it Ayo's dope say it
My music you can play it cause I often filay it
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Good Zagat rating mad chef catering
Not much for debating Just facts for the stating
On these tracks I am skating, so much fun
Like kids playing (phone rings)

Interruption phone call (ring)
My cousin in London
He's works hard consulting
Finance hustling
Trying to make something
Grinding and bustling

Topic switches to me
Like Ayo, how's the music
Said I am k**ing it of course
Steady building a buzz
Trying to work the locks
And open up these doors

His call reminded me of my childhood
Love was a mainstay
Soccer on a game day
We all loved to play
Under the sunny rays
God I loved those days
Naija in the summer, Mehn
I loved those days
Thinking back and forth, Mehn
I loved those days

Bridge (Marisela and Ayo):
Memories pleasures I recollect
And make more like treasures I do collect X 2

Never been better
Such a trendsetter
Ayo quitting never
Not till I find forever

Thoughts in Hayes
Like Issac
Like Isis
Pancake flip semantics
Acrobatic antics
Shaba ranking fantastic
Ecstatic with words expanding like elastic

Sometimes do stumble and fall
Pick it back up what I drop
Like that cough sh** halls
So you connect with me
Other end of a call

So pick up my call
And hear me bare
Painful truths
Spilling in the booth
Reckless with no couth
Such is the freedom of the youth

Painful truth I know you want lies
Painful truth I know you want lies

Voice (Marisela): Red lining, kids crying
People dying, Giving up we are not trying

Painful truth I know you want lies
Painful truth I know you want lies

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