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AYoinmotion - Daydreams and Nightmares lyrics

Chorus: I use to daydream, but now I am the nightmare

Royalty in a court of jester fools
No subject but subject matter rules
Not an old fool just with the new school
Fonzi jacket mean chasing the new new cool

After much am full of food and liquor
Top gun Tom Cruise do tell who's slicker
Yall lack the real is back to replace these vicars
Influenza flow who you know sicker

Nigerian nightmare from a place
Where the people used to brace
Tyrants with the meanest face
In my words you get a taste

Of what nights in candle lights
Feel like
Ended up all right
The past is out of sight
Never really out of mind
So I never stop the grind
Coming from behind
Dig my song for the greatest find

Flow of the wall like hieroglyphics
Nightmare on stage no gimmicks
Ready to go off with my lyrics
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Acrobatic charismatic delivery calisthenics

Chorus: I use to daydream, but now I am the nightmare

Verse 2:
New kid in high school miss the 1st draft
For who's cool
Soon learned the right craft
My thick accent drew first day laughs
Few weeks Ayo was quick to adapt
With style and smile intact

Traded my naija clothes for a leather jacket
Girls loving accent netting them like a racket
Boys hating on me made me a high target
Plus had jokes comical like Bob Saget

For calling me an African booty scratcher
Not my fault ur girl wanna plug me like a Thatcher
Mean mugging me these Margaret Thatchers
Now am so fly Nigerian haberdasher

My American ways
Trying to get paid with my message
Trying to bring aid first you ma**age then you get laid

Girls play try to run game
Her sights on you with the tight aim

Outro singing..

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