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Ave Campbell - Venture Over Everything lyrics

I feel like a lot of ya n***as just don't get it
Ya don't understand, maybe you don't want to understand
So now the position I'm in, is I have to make ya understand
And you're not going to like me if I have to make you understand

[Verse 1]
Still walking ‘round undefeated n***a (you should get like him)
Keep it real, it's either fire or u reaching n***a, ya just so Dalsim
Hate you had to see me in my golden age
Couldn't beat my drive wit E Honda on a bonus stage
And all my Ventures roll the same, lookin like a motorcade
U already know the name, walk up in the spot have it jumping like it's soca playin
(Like Wheeeeew)
Go girl, yea palance with it, see that a** wanna dance with it
Probably take a trip to France with it, but I won't meet my mom with it
Damn girl u look good than a muhhf**er, but u gotta have a job with it
Like you really need a job with it, and I ain't talkin bout no internet modelling
(Hold up)
They really hate it when I talk sh**, ‘cause ya equate wealth with "I bought sh**"
The hidden message in life is that knowledge priceless, and only “broke” n***as never taught sh**
I'm ballin, yea yea I'm ballin', learn something new, first you share it then you flaunt it
Flow buzz worthy like a hornet
So much chakra in my palms the mic glow when I'm performing
(Like Wheeeeew)
Rap my kekkai genkai, been fly, dress like I trained with Genkai
Show respect to the senpai, my aura kaioken 10 times, salute when you talking to the King of the Saiyans
You hear what I'm saying? Still the 8 God, no fingerprints on my space pod
No dap just the give me my space nod, ‘cause I don't like germs in my space pod
(Like Wheeeeew)

I said its Venture Over Everything
Its that All Venture Everything
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Yea its Venture Over Everything
Yea its that All Venture Everything

[Verse 2]
Yo, give me my props like Carrot Top, came back in the same space pod like Kakarot
From when Trunks k**ed Frieza, try to swing swords I only had to lift a finger
But when I think about it I guess I'm more like Vegeta, that pride is b**h but still I love her
And that jealousy real, heard don't show no love, love get you k**ed
What about money? They be k**in for that
Worst combination is you smart and you black, or its a cop vs a black
Or anybody wit a gun vs a black
f**in pigs reaching straight for the gat, take a life with a blast
Without any repercussions, kinda bullsh** is that? Then the parents tell their kids don't say sh**
Or they could end up dead up on the pavement, yet being quiet get the same sh**, stop teaching kids all that lame sh**
If they're going to k** me for nothing I gotta give them a reason
Revolution only starts when we get tired of bleeding
Government looking at us like we all tired of breathing
Stereotyping and some of us just make it awfully easy
Black fathers let me tell u a secret
You don't get no credit for raising your kids (Thats what you're supposed to do)
Too many n***as just accustomed to leaving, I'm accustomed to cussin', ain't really nothing to f** with
Venture Klan that is, address me as the man that is, whole squad is the fam that is
Buk and Just still my hands that is, Troy, Mike, 21 my 100 grands that is
f** your plans that is, We on it, showin out now record it
Fall in love with it, every track get re-courted
First the green range then the white range, n***a I'm re-zorded
(Like Wheeeeew)

I said its Venture Over Everything
Its that All Venture Everything
Yea its Venture Over Everything
Yea its that All Venture Everything

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