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Ave Campbell - Self lyrics

Let me talk to em

[Verse 1]
Flowers in the lapel of my Yakuza suit
Trying to keep my circle up like hula hoops
Snakes and women try to tempt me with forbidden fruit
I see through it all, I'm like the Hyuga group
But who am I to change the status quo?
They say u gotta play the game to change the rules
But all you see is the ones who got accustomed to em
Like "it ain't that bad, i'm doing what I gotta do"
f** that, It's me against the world I love that
Martha say she think I'd make it, but she ain't want that
Rather a lawyer, teacher, doctor but I ain't want that
And people tell me what my father wants, like how u know that?
He told u? Then could you point me to the Ouija board
I try to visit grandma more, but I just be too paranoid
Like, what if I'm there and she died? I know I'm wrong n***a
I know it's life, but I just really ain't that strong n***a
Plus thoughts linger that I barely get to see my sister
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She don't call, neither do I, but I'm older than her
So I'm the blame? More proof that I need to grow more?
Ignorance is bliss? Sometimes I hate the fact I know more
Even still, all my flaws just make a better verse
Chicks say that they love me, I'm aware of all the selfish words
Maybe it's not, maybe I just hate that f**in word
Maybe I had left too soon, or she got on my f**in nerves
That's what happens most times, which ever happens first
Maybe they were phases, so maybe ima f**in jerk
I'm tryna win, all that other sh** is for the birds
Rappers don't compete? I don't communicate in silver terms
Remember Ash said he wanted to be the master?
sh**, Goku never pa**ed up on a battle
Every wrestler just wanted to have the title
My whole childhood i was prepping to be a rapper
Pen a verse to make a person face change up
Rep Venture so much that everybody start to hate us
Wake up everyday imagining when that day come
Go to sleep every night still imagining when that day come
I think about it and can't fathom to fail
Its not conceit, you just hate the fact I'm out of my shell
To live forever through these stories I tell
As I stare at the flower I keep in my lapel

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