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Ave Campbell - Primary Lotus lyrics


Sound clip from the show Naruto

[Verse 1]
I've been k**ing rappers since the 10th grade
I've been up on game, you n***as been fake
Kakashi Sensei,I keep one eye open, in case they ever try to sneak up on me
Speak up homie, get back like a redux homie
What's a mound to a mountain? Get your peak up homie
We on different levels, get your reach up homie, but hand games usually lead to beat ups, homie
sh** could go downhill
I step in just to upstage ‘em, show ‘em that they outsk**ed
Out-realed, better stay in yo place, get out barred
You in the outfield, that means you way off base
Attain some knowledge, get some college in, so like white girls with collagen
You can try to save some face
Name hold weight and my whole f**in team hot, Inner circle fed like a sting op
Headed to highest of the leaves on the tree top
Put money on it like green dot, bet they still pray to see me flop
You can't pray to God ‘bout him, head so high ya gon recognize my chin
Stack thy yen, Ya not even trying to win, Told ya b**h that ima slide by by 10
It's 10:01 do u know where my kids are? Hit it like twice, do you know where my timbs are?
She said baby I think you wore sneakers, good, cause that was a test
And you know I be sayin sh** like I suffer tourettes and keep everything I do about one hundred percent
Cup of something that's a 100%
These b**hes ain't worth a dollar keep a 100 per cent
Italian socks thread count, that's a 100 per shin
You asking for a feature?, bars, I charge a $100 for 6
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Venture Klan up in this b**h, the most keep a hundred-ist 6
You n***as keep a hundred in stints
Real n***as used to be a 100 per simp
Now it's only like 106
Ratio like a 100 to 6
Five second head, start you're getting hunted in 6
The world is yours? Then it's almost ours too, like a hundred and 6
Ya ain't catch that?, fumbling sh**, man the score about a 100 to 6
n***as shook to the 106th, got n***as “humina humming” and sh**
Grandma in the church praying, humming and sh**
Family gasping for air, crying, hugging and sh**
Penthouse on the 106th, commercial airline ducking and sh**
Couple of chicks, rubbing the tits, martians hear me f**ing and sh**
They s**ing the tip, cum on the lips and I don't want to see a lip touch a cup in this b**h
Ok I'm losing them
On the alter with the heavily favored, damn, n***as tryna stick me for paper
Lawyer like pre-teen fresh off of wearing her braces, how he stay on retainer
State the disclaimer, don't fall victim to vapors, act right or get left like remainders
Money no stranger, thousands in paper, trips to Jamaica, go with racks like clothing and hangers
Planes in the hangar, flying to Asia, just for the return trip
The whole point of the struggle is to learn sh**
And boy gosh I got a high IQ, you can take away my will still I not lose
Spit my sh** to hear the aah aah oohs, and play humble like how I do?
I know the answer in the first place, my worst case I still make it out in first place
Damn I only opened up the first gate (the lotus)


Sound clip from the show Naruto

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