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Ave Campbell - Kevin Tran lyrics

Tell the truth ‘til I die, ‘cause I can lie in my casket
Whoever said “don't put all your eggs in one basket”
I keep a hatchet for those who try to prevent the hatching
n***a ask about me
[Verse 1]
I ain't never work a day job, all my shifts be in the evening
I'm that feeling of get where you're heading then think of leaving
Heard I am a sinner, but enjoy my inner demons
Because it keeps me on my toes to know they're out to catch me sleeping
You can't claim king then skip beats like a hiccup
Back down, I break crowns like Jack when he slipped up
Ya too predictable like rednecks driving a pick-up
I rob the rap game then split after the stick up
I'm Moses, I'm off the mountain, peep the tablets
I freed the people, wrote the word, you can have it
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Mind frame close to where Alice had chased the rabbit
I'm laidback, flow nasty, I'm Chillmatic
I'm still at it, far from average I'm into Avarice
I need it all, get in the way I'll shoot you down
Your flow has me almost completely bored, that mean opposing me is futile
Its a numbers game and I'm feeling like I'm Rain Man
All they want is club hits but I ain't Captain Caveman
I'm low key, I block the hate with these Rayban's
Something in my cup, secret stuff like Space Jam
Just know it's liquor and Venture still my n***as
Klan life like the ninjas, big ups Master Splinter
Everyone got they hand out, they must think they Hitler
No hablo deniero, I'm getting drinks from a pitcher
Could you imagine if life was just like a movie role?
They say I changed but what makes you think they knew me though
Truly though, I'm in a different paradise than Coolio
Told Buk we'd be them n***as back when we was playing Yu-gi-oh

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