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Ave Campbell - Mentality lyrics

[Verse 1]
Tryna open up my chakras but my vices kept a couple closed
Like all the sneaker coppin and the chasing hoes
That was too derogatory?
Talk that sh** that made the teachers call my momma on me
Feel like they plotting on me
Say I'm paranoid, I think it's intuition
I heard my pride is a sin, I heard that Gods forgiving
But I won't ask for that, Cause I don't ask for nothin
Cause ever since he took my pops I found him hard to f** with
Save your two cents. don't tell me how to feel about it
Ya probably doubted too, I just keep it real about it
War and famine, kids are dying and it's people starving
Omnipresent seen it all except for snakes in gardens
First its race, now it's a war on the poor
Can't get in the middle cause both sides pray to the lord
And there'd be favoritism, or is that the work of Satan
If Jesus died and came back then ain't the cause negated
Most wouldn't agree. and that's the beauty of it
How many countries could you feed with a movie budget?
My house is made of gla**, I got this bag of rocks friends committing crimes, still yelling f** the cops
This is my mind presented yea that's a given
They say be humble cause the powerful would want you timid
And I want me winning, and I want me women, and I want my mind free, that's a contradiction
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That's what we made of
You gotta pay your dues before the change comes, you gotta build the shelter before the reign comes
Every song sounding like the same one, Industry after souls like Tsang Sung, imagine when Lu Kang comes
I cycle in air like a plane cabin, a breath of something fresh in the era where it ain't rapping
I say the coldest sh** and n***as act like it ain't happen, say she got a man I break links like a chain snatching
(Let em know)
I'm enlightening like the war of the worlds and at the same time I could pen a verse ‘bout a girl
Or I could speak of sh** that I seen, things that I dream, joke about some sh** that I mean
Ya Kna Wa Mean? You probably missed a couple of things, play it back and leave em hooked like Eady Ameen
Venture the team! (Yea we them motherf**in n***as boy!!) Klan sh**! (tribed up like the Iroquois)
And this is Aveism, no it's not a religion Its more like a psychology
Based on my life e.x.p. and some hypotheses, in my brain yin and yang and I'm stuck in between
Two sides of the same coin yet a dichotomy, tomboy chick yelling f** the dike out of me
And I might oblige as long as she ain't talking no bullsh**
Tell her lay back like chilling on a cruise ship, beat that sh** to d**h gotta view it on a pulpit
Hit it on the table made the motherf**in song skip (song skip)
She always worried about the wrong sh**, telling all her friends that she know that I ain't sh**
Pouring up a cup get her thrown like ape sh**, now she don't say sh**, lame sh**
Yup, Same n***a from the get go, Unh, real n***a from the rip though, n***a say he rap he don't know what he in for
All my sh** bang like a member of the Temptones , Know my rhyme pad reminiscent of a d**h note
Yall walkin around with your chest poked so f** around get your neck broke (Yup) Gotta show em like a expo
(True) Speak only in facts, Bars so hard call them 30 in a max, Dudley Do Right get a body off tracks, real quick
And yall the Nell Finwick of this sh**, and every single time I gotta deep sigh like this b**h
Then I k** sh**, real sh**

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