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Austin Awake - Lean On (Cover) lyrics

You were the best I ever had right
You had me feeling like I met you in the past life
All I had was a dollar and dream
But you was still there for me
Way before they heard me on the radio
Way before they knew me everywhere I go
You had me feeling high when I'm feeling low
But you know how that shit go
When you said that you love me I really thought that you meant it
All this time we were spending it had me feeling tremendous
When you told me you want it I would make sure that you get it
And then the day that I made it I told you baby we did it
We was a team girl what you mean girl
Don't say I'm not what you need girl oh please girl
I'll get right down on my knee's girl in the street girl
I had that thing feeling like Sea World in your jeans girl
Late night when I'm alone and feeling super low
Don't you miss the times we used to kick it like the Super Bowl
Now I'm just turning into somebody that you used to know
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You know like that song girl now you just a gone girl
I'm not saying that I never did you wrong no
But I won't let you say I ain't give you my all though
I mean I still got your picture on my wall though
I just can't find you something like Waldo
Take it how you wanna take it though
You know me I been getting high laying low
Uh I should of known I should of known
Cuz now a days this is how this shit goes
Man nobody trusts nobody
I said it's sad but I really find it so funny
I mean I'd rather have love and have no money
Than be rich as Bill Gates but all around me is hate
And it's realness even with no hands you still feel this
There's kids with no meals and there's people making billions
Baby I promise you we would take it to the ceiling
And my co-pilot's gone but the flights still on
Uh maybe forever only meant a few months
It's been a long long time I haven't heard from you once
Just do what I do best and dream on
But sometimes I could use you to lean on ay

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