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Austin Awake - I hate u, i love u (Cover) lyrics

[Verse: 1, Austin Awake]
Yeah, all the times that we had
I've been livin in the...
I love you more than I love myself
I hate you, but I still don't want anybody else
All the times that we had
Got me livin in the past, baby
Now every night I can't sleep and I'm missing you
Never did I think I'd go through this with you
I thought I'd live my whole bucket list with you
Can't live without you, but now
I can't live with you, no
And who would of thought we'd just be a moment in time
And even though you did me wrong, I still wish you were mine

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[Hook, Austin Awake]
I hate you, I love you, I hate that, I love you
I hate you, I love you, I hate that, I love you

[Verse: 2, Austin Awake]
And the pains so bad
I wish I could go back, yeah
To the day We met
I would walk right past ya
Googling ways how to deal with depression
All my friends say at least You've learnt your lession
What doesn't kill you they say makes you stronger
But I don't know if I believe that much longer
And the partying just makes it worse
No pills in my pocket, I feel when it hurts
I need some hope back like the Bible in church
I gave you the best of me, now my faith is testing me, yeah

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