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Austin Awake - Closer -The Chainsmokers (AUSTIN AWAKE RAP COVER) Lyrics lyrics

I dont know were we went wrong
But it looks like the good old days are long gone yeah, and lately all i do is drink and smoke and i dont want to feel emotions ah yeah
Yeah, ugh wait hold up yeah
Tell your new man he can kiss my ass
Only you can put me in a mood like that
Never really thought that you would do me like that
Calmed down as the time past
I swear late nights with a wine glass
And i saw you last night, baby looking so good
They'll probably say we shouldn't
But i really think we should
So baby pull me closer in the back of that mercedes
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That you got from your rich aunty and are friends all think were crazy
I just want you to love me , how
You used to love me , how
You used to make me feel
I swear that this is real

Girl you got me living in the old days now
I remember you would screw me in the whip when i didn't have a way around
And even though we've changed
I still feel the same now
All you got to do is pull me closer baby
And i swear ill be okay now

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