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Austin Awake - 679 (Cover) lyrics

Baby girl you so damn fine tho
If I'm being honest you the hottest girl that I know
What's your nationality? Tell me where to find those
I'll go down low and have your girl hitting high notes
Yeah that boy came a long way
I've been doing everything the song say
I just need a back rub in the bath tub after a long day
Are you down? Well I'm on my way
If they hating they should stop with it
Oh she say I can't have it then I gotta get it
I say they jealous cuz their not you
Oh girl you star look at everything that got you

I'm like yeah she's fine
I wonder if she'll be mine
She walk past I press rewind
To see that thing one more time
And I got this sewed up
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My boys they know us
All fast money no slow bucks
No one can control us

[Verse 2:]
I'm like this what it's gon' be
It's his lame ass or me
Pardon if you smell that tree
But girl I got it if you need
She's like Austin will you be my baby daddy
I'm like yeah
I got rips all in my jeans
I'm on some rockstar shit I swear
Since day 1 I told my momma she would see me everywhere
On TV and in those Rari's
Now my time is getting near
So, say you love me do you really mean it?
This life I live you gotta see it
Kid turned into a boy
Boy turned into a man
Just follow my heart y'all don't gotta understand ahh

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