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Ashley Tisdale - High School Musical lyrics

[Troy:] Whoo!
[Ryan:] Come On!
[Sharpay:] Alright!
[Chad:] Little louder now!
[Gabriela:] Hey!

[Verse 1]
[Troy & Gabriela:]
Looking forward from center stage, graduation day, time to get the future started!
What we leave, what we take with us
No matter what, it's something we're apart of!
We learn to fly
Together side-by-side. I just want the rest of my life, to feel as good as my

High School Musical
Lets celebrate where we come from!
With friends who've been there all along, just like
Our High School, High School Musical!

[Verse 2]
[Ryan & Sharpay:]
Improvisation without a script, no ones written it, and now we have the chance too!
Someday we'll be looking back
Memories we've had, all the songs that we lived through!
The best of times
So why leave them behind. why can't the rest of my life
Be like my


[Verse 3]
[Chad & Taylor:]
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Now we finally realize
Who we are, it just took some time
That you learn and to live to see the truth
Can't you see the truth?
[Chad & Taylor:]
Nothing's ever impossible, into the future with every fall
Until forever we'll always have high school!
Turn the party, lets celebrate!
[Troy & Gabriela:]
Cause the worlds one big stage, and in it what you want, it can be yours!
Everybody sing, yeah!
Can you show us, now we're want to go?
It's where the status is here, oh
High School, lives on forever more! High School, High School Musical!


[Verse 4]
I wish my life could feel like a
High School Musical
Who says we have to let it go?
It's the best part we've ever known, step into the future!
We'll hold on to
High School Musical, lets celebrate where we come from
With friends who've been there all along, just like

High School Musical!

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