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Asa - Aaaa lyrics

[Intro: Alan Watts]
"Time is a social institution and not a physical reality
There is, in other words, no such thing as time
In the natural world, the world of stars and waters
And mountains and clouds and living organisms"

[Verse 1]
Do I believe in God? Or deserve his love?
Who the fuck is he anyway? That man up above
I got so many questions and so few answers
Reading the bible and still can't capture
Why people think that religion is key
I've tried to understand but a cult ain't for me
I think to myself; if I'm going to hell
Then it outta be, it don't bother me
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And if God loves everybody why are people starving
All over Earth, was I given my birth
Just to question it, my thoughts are intimate
I'm trying to be much more than a pedestrian
Girls be riding me like they're equestrian
The mental mess I'm in, a failed specimen
Nobody takes him in, but shows love to him
Only when that motherfucker goes and picks up a pen

[Outro: Alan Watts]
"There is such a thing as rhythm, rhythm of tides
Rhythm of biological processors, but time as such
Is a social institution, Now of course
Are we going to take time seriously?
That is the big question"

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