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Arkaik - Elegy For The Disillusioned lyrics

Hollowed in existential chaos, feel the embrace of its undertow*
Phase in and out of a deconstructing mage that we find
Gaze into this hatred filled plight and design the fabrics of destruction
As fermenting as it may be, splendor lies within its shards
Pathological embers smolder continuously, Vividly escaping through scorched synapses
This ferment is all that will be, stand and absorb its inequity

Destruction is our only means and we spread it with such fervor
I'd like to bask in the warmth of our civilization as it goes down in flames
This requiem rings in the ears of a populace lost in a labyrinth of arrogance
As dissonance reigns its force shackles all its soils
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The face of all being shattered underneath its pressure
Witness this disfigured atrocity, it stands alone amongst its ruins

[Repeat Chorus:]
Bleed deceit as it scrapes the face of our mother with razorblade fingertips
Tear away the essence of humanity like wolves ravaging children of excess
But to descend deep inside the cracks is to discover profound brilliance
And to believe such an agitating dream, Into depths of worldly malignancy
The key remains concealed
Lost inside this fractured antipathy, wallow in a cavern of malevolent precipitation
Bleeding from the womb of a mother, this disease has spread beyond regression
Forever more

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