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Aristeia - Demoralization Of The Luminary lyrics

Heavy as the melody
That runs our bodies
We have no care of the ignorant
Once the greed grabs a hold of your soul
You're trapped
Without anywhere to go

You're all falling into your demise
With a goal to abolish the corrupt men who run
The world
I dare you to step inside the chamber
And encounter true fear
Your plan of k**ing god
And reinventing him to the ma**es was a success
But beware the misfortunes and scars
That await you all
The virus you spread will
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Return to burn you all
You have denied the ma**es
With knowledge of your lies
Will arise the great war
I'm in fact lacking confusion

As to what's real
And what's illusion
Living life isn't any different from living in a cell

The complexities bring entities
Of life to our realm

Synagogues of satan collapse by the wrath of our people
Making them aware we have awaken
We will be coming soon for them all
We hold the key to end it all

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