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Arbiter 617 - The Actuarian's Final Speech lyrics

[Opening log]
...almost 7 percent of total decommissioning of combat droids.
Everyone else is suggesting we begin importing higher quality components at a cost of over 16, 17, sometimes even 18K per unit to minimize fatalities.
But I feel if we are going to be trashing them as much as we do, quality is of little consideration. End log.

[Second Log]
Spartan 617. He thinks he's going to prove something.
Just because he earned himself a set of golden armor, he thinks he has what it takes to *be* a spartan.
I gave 2-7-8 an M6G handgun today; a live one.
I asked him to give it to 6-1-7, and to order him to shoot one of the custodial crew. Expendables.
If 6-1-7 couldn't do it, 2-7-8 would have to; and he did.
You see 2-7-8 has what it takes. He has what I have; the ability to take a life without hesitation.
But hold up. Whats this? So 6-1-7 comes out of the room.
Me waiting for him of course.
And what does he have with him?

[Change in dialogue pattern]
Did you expect to use that pistol?
You. Yes, you 6-1-7.
If you're watching this, then you went through with it.
But I'm not upset. Only the strongest shall rule.
Against all my efforts, you are always better than me.
You just lacked the power to take a life; to free yourself.
You asked me, "What was the price of making [you] different?"
It was so much more than a price. Not just money.
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I built Spartans as I had raised myself. Obedient k**ing machines.
I grew up on Tantalus.
I would say it was a place of crime, but with no government, no laws, there could be no crime. Just violence. Brutal unchecked violence.
I rose to be something more than just one of the 200 thousand of the mammals writhing on that wretched planet.
I took what I learned from Tantalus with me to Reach; and bread all Spartans to be emotionless k**ing machines.

But then Doctor Conroy came along.
He believed that one emotion alone could make you stronger.
Can you guess which?
He gave you the ability to love.
To love what you do; love how you do it.
But something happened that neither of us expected.
Through love came happiness and affection.
In its absence, hate and envy emerged.
It led to curiosity and to fear.
And the less of a machine you became, the more we realized that this emotion alone could give life to them all.
That was the magic of it.
So even with all your feelings, your confusions, distractions and hesitations. You became the best."

That was the price I paid. And I will pay with my life if I must.
I've had my time. Now it's yours. Goodbye, David.
End log.

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