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Apache Indian - Lovin' lyrics

Hindi chorus
Bitawo mujshe pyar tum kithna karay deh hauh
(tell me how much you love me)
Pyar pyar pyar mujshe pyar
(love me love me love me)

Apache chorus
Gal me love you me wan kiss and caress
Tell the gal a fe me lovin are the best
Gal me need you need you badly
Tell the gal about the wild apache

Hindi chorus

Beca the love a where me have gal fe you only
Ragamuffin love a fe the young lady
Sugar a fe me coffee could a sugar fe me tea
Nothing could a sweet like me don rani
Listen young gal you have fe start understand
Only one lovin' fe the wild indian
Only one queen and only one king
Only one gal that could a wear fe me ring

Hindi chorus
Apache chorus

Gal me have fe tell you that me lovin a fire
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The indian lovin it just hot like pepper
Take you cross the sea and cross the border
Fe mek you know just what me heart desire
From early morning till the morning hour
The gal look so cris ca she have the glamour
The lovin' fe shock that me wan discover
So hear the ragamuffin come fe tell all lover

Hindi chorus
Apache chorus

Ca me have the good lovin' and me have the action
Have the right flex ina slow motion
Gal you have fe no say a just one to one
Whole heap pf lovin' ina different fashion
Beca the rajah again a tell the gal them
Me no come here fe mix and me no come here fe blend
Wan the good good lovin without a problem
Can't take the lovin' that a joke and pretend

Hindi chorus
Apache chorus
Hindi chorus

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