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Anyextee - Valley Of The Kings lyrics

[Verse 1: Anyextee]
My dread locks blowing in the wind
Is this your little demo? Thanks, Ill throw it in the bin
I don't want to sign no-one right now, Go and tell a friend
Because most of these rappers loyalty was nowhere to begin
And I tell a bad b**h, do the dishes
Various hoes in different area codes? That's Ludacris
Thats not ahi-tuna, that's tuna fish
You try to mock me Junior, watch who you diss
I told my secretary hold my calls
Since these new stupid rappers want to hold my balls
Pause, It could get ugly, remind you
I got Puffy on line two, its nothing to sign you
Shelf You, let your buzz fizzle out, ya cuz flipping out
Have him calling the label like, "Whats this about?"
Call me "Next" I'm always thinking ahead
Might call your ex next, she always thinking of head
She gives, I take, although I'm usually the giving type
Living life like its my last minute, in it to get it, right?
In this life you get one chance, feel blessed
I showed up on a camel at the Sundance Film Fest

[Sample from Youtube of Anyextee while being escorted out of Sundance Film Fest by Police: Anyextee]
"This is what we call a non-violent revolution of consciousness, art, and the spirit of independence"

[Verse 2: Anyextee]
Executive Decisions and if Anyextee is in a prison, I visit Max with Stacks
For him to stunt up in the system
[Lyrics from: https:/]
I seen that man help dunny on their hooks
Funny, cross can't event write or put some money on his books
So Pardon my French, this is in-direct
And now im making movies so im in In-Direct
I keep raising the bar as far as Egypt
And I'm in the garden breathing, every day is Harvest Season
The hood molded me, I'm project bred
Molded, like project bread i'm concept led
The thing is, I'm only rapping cause these phonies rapping
The only captain of the ship, Tony Atlas of this sh**
And since it'd be real tricky to back stab myself
I just got to deal with me, no rap cats to shelf
Ex-Rawkus records collector, mad backpacks I've held
Went from mic-checks to checks from ASCAP for sales
A real hustler knows what to do and what to not
Before Buddens it was Proof and Juggaknots
Industry Rule 4080, Do What you got
Digital Underground, Do whatcha Like
Started rapping a week ago, tune justified
Arrows just flee from Pharaoh Anyextee
And to think as high as me you need a pair of Jet skis
And a monoatomic gold mask to wear, and lets see!

[Hook: Anyextee]
Leave the poor my Bally's and my rings
When I die, bury me in the Valley of the Kings
Leave the poor my Bally's and my rings
When I die, bury me in the Valley of the Kings

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