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Annie LeBlanc - Ordinary Girl lyrics

louis sneakers, kylie lip kit
cartier bracelet
could live without fancy things
loving life in my ripped jeans
snapchat selfies
i celebrate everyday, tryin to be
just an ordinary girl, in this extra ordinary world
im a typical teen, living out a dream
watching life take shape
taking it day by dayyyy
it can happen to me, it can happen to you
just to any ordinary girlll....

eyes on the big stage, mind on the test i take
live stream, study breaks
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long nights make longer days
some day i wanna do big things
but i don't gotta be superman
stars are just dreams, work hard and reach and you can do anythinggg
just an ordinary girl in this extra ordinary world
not a typical teen livin out a dream
watching life take shape, taking it day by dayyy
it can happen to you it can happen to me
just to any ordinary girl...

keep your eyes up ahead and don't look back at what you've been
if you keep going time will tell u when its right
your philosophy
living belief at what u dreammmmm...

not an ord

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