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Andy Salad - Bad Boy Rap lyrics


It's Andy Salad
Feelin' like a bad boy today
So imma be myself
Give you what you haters want

Don't come around me with that
It's Andy Salad what the f** I gotta say for myself
f** you, I am cool
Come near me, and get slapped, get back

I'm a bad boy sometimes
I don't listen to my parents
I can't be bothered with that
I'm gonna go on Maple Story and level up 2000

I was getting money, missiles
Wanna buy fame? I'll scam you
I'm a bad boy
I treat you guys like toys

Sometimes I spit fire like a dragon
Sometimes I spit fire, how was that, Aladdin
I was lookin like Aladdin
Flying on my genie till the day I was pilladin

If you ain't, if you ain't sick of this
I'm sick of your face

Don't come near me
I'm free
Butterfree, double tea, tee off
I will get a hole in one

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Come around me with that crap
Let me grab a bat
Slap you on the back of the head
Till you get back

Buffy, buffy the vampire slayer
We was pitoogle back in the day
We was sippin' the hay
From the horse's mouth
We were sippin' it all day

Lean, in my cup
Till the bartender, fill it up
He said ok whatchou doin' man
I said "I'm Andy Salad just chillin' man"


Bad Boy

You guys ain't seen this side of me have you motherf**ers

Whatchou know about it?

Hit me up

Hit me up ladies

You wanna see more of this?

You wanna?



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