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Andrew Garcia - Time Flies lyrics

[Chorus: Andrew Garcia]
No one gonna hear you when you call
Nobody gonna catch you when you fall
You got to do it on your own
If you believe it, believe me
Like in the day when things got rough
Even I knew I had enough
I would just keep my head up high
I know I'm gon' make it, make it

[Verse 1: Chris Miles]
I'm one of a kind
And you're kind of a one
They say that life's a game
Well, I ain't never won
I'm a follow my dreams like a stalker
You know, and I'm a keep spinning dope
Till my arteries broke, and that's that
Trying to make a career out of nothing
Pair a soggy with my money
But that ain't gonna get me fronting
‘Cause I know that I can make it
I just go to believe
Look, I'm just trying to be successful
At least before I'm deceased, but whatever
They telling me dreams I can't put my love achieving it
Even if mine don't it happens for a reason
From the bullies in school
To every comment that I've got
And I wouldn't be here without him
So thank you if you ever doubted
And I'm keeping it real
For kids in that situation
That were kicked down at school
Or just hated for no reason
That's why I do this, man
Forget the money, I don't need it
Y'all would never let them get to you
No, you'll never feed the crowd

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[Chorus: Andrew Garcia]

[Verse 2: Chris Miles]
It's starting to feel like this life's depressing
Every feeling suppressed in my heart
And yeah, I'm attempting to just release it
In second, ‘cause I'm fed up
While other rappers trying to get they bread up
I'm just trying to tell the story
So these kids can keep their head up
My parents always seem stressed out
Arguing ‘bout stupid issues
I'm losing it like right now
On the road to success
And I'm trying to find the best route
Now they wanna be friends
After all of this? Christ, for real though
Where were you gone when I used to get bullied
When they would always call me faggot
And just make me look stupid
And after all this rap is when you decide to show up
‘Cause not a damn hell was given I was about to go nuts
Not a single person would talk to me
I was an outcast
Known as the Justin Bieber wannabe
The who went and said that I don't care if you got a problem
‘Cause in the end of everything
That made me the stronger me

[Chorus: Andrew Garcia]

[Interlude: Andrew Garcia] x3
If we believe, if we believe
If we believe then we perceive
If we believe that we can be
If we believe

[Chorus: Andrew Garcia]

I'm gon' make it, I'm gon' make it...

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