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Andrew Garcia - Only (Rielmix) lyrics

[Verse 1 - Dannie Riel]
I never f**ed Tim, I never f** Pryde
Said that sh** like enough times, but if I did they'd swim up in it like Michael Phelps, muff-dive
These b**hes going through tough times
Worried about my cup size, don't focus on my butt fine
Still feeding b**hes like lunch time
I don't give a f** about all these bottles, being surrounded by all these models
Got your favourite man on my follow list, basic b**hes come swallow this
Sixty-nine and you hold the waist, let them have that Riel-taste
In his mouth up in the morning, p**y in the mouth, toothpaste
All these hoes so two-faced, I don't even act too phased
Give me top like toothpaste
Whip me around with like two chains, not a rapper like 2 Chainz
But you still love them titties boy
In your city don't get annoyed
If it's b**h versus b**h you'll get destroyed
I see you talking with all that noise in my comment section, but face to face man it's all affection
Let 'em know I never needed that false attention
Lip ring and them D's b**h, get down on them knees b**h
Everything on fleek b**h, you said shes better?
Please b**h

[Hook - Andrew Garcia]
Raise every bottle and cup in the sky
Sparks in the air like the Fourth of July
Nothing but bad b**hes in here tonight
Oh, if you lame and you know it be quiet
Nothing but real n***as only, bad b**hes only
Rich n***as only, independent b**hes only
Boss n***as only, thick b**hes only
I got my real n***as here by my side, only

[Verse 2 - Traphik]
(Yea!) I never f**ed Dannie, but y'all think I did
Even if I did, I wouldn't tell you kids
I should hit it once, make a vid, upload the clip and get a billion hits
I spit the realest sh**, that's guy code, from the gecko, that's Geico
Got her wide open like a Gyno and she never let her guy know
Just playin', I got a girl and her name ch-ch-ch-Chia
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(Aye!) We fly to Mexico sip margaritas (Sip margaritas!)
This love is so cheesy we call that quesadillas
We movin' in silence like I got a Prius, we duckin' the cameras you can't even see us like woo
I'm like Marky Mark in that Calvin Klein, your boy so fine that I'm getting fined
I wink an eye and your b**h is mine
When I spit my rhyme you gotta hit rewind cause most of the time y'all don't even get my lines
When I hit the club, I don't get in line, you try that sh** and you gon' get declined motherf**er
Hate me or love me, you know that you need me
They didn't believe me, but now I'm on TV
I am unstoppable walking on coals
No time for the comments, I'm blocking the trolls
No time for no talking, I put you on hold
These kids see my life and they all be like goals


[Verse 3 - D-Pryde]
(I don't even do these anymore, alright check it out though, goes like this)
Richvale Gang
I never f**ed Dannie and that's real sh**
And we just buddies but I'd still hit
If you still hate me after all these years, then that's a self problem you gotta deal with
I stunt alone, and I just decided too you can call me D or just Mr. Pryde too
Dudes talk like they chick made, but the sh** I preach makes the b**h inside you boy
Look I've been through sh** that you never would see, know that I'm clever I still get to sever the heads of whoever so effortlessly
I know you say that you better, but trust me I'm better than better could ever just be
I wrote your girlfriend a nice letter, but trust me she said the letter she wants is D, please
I know that the public thinks I'm super young, but it's cool
But I don't do things that these stupid teen youngins do
If they said they getting money then show me some f**ing proof
If you lookin' just like Dannie then trust me I'm f**ing you-ou
Please don't stray from these things I say
I show the dick, you control the dick, but first I got to say s'il vous plait
I got people that's with me that worked since the start
Lions and tigers and bears and I swear that you squares wouldn't tear me apart
Don't care if it's light out I don't care if it's dark, b**h
I'm still up and you still s** (?)
When it comes to f**s, I can't give none shoutout to Tim, Drew, and my baby Dannie, and last shout to my real ones


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