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Andrew Dost - What's an Adventure without a Crew? lyrics

What's an adventure without a crew?
What's an adventure with just one Me, and no Yous?

[Tom the Hoister]
You could use me, I like to hoist things!
I could hoist a mainsail and a dinghy too!

[Steve the Swabber]
You could use me, I like to swab things!
I could swab the deck, 'cause swabbin's what I do!

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[Toothless Joe the Chef]
You need a chef? I'll cook like crazy!
My griddle's hot and so's my cup of joe!

I'm important! I sailed in the Spanish Armada
I've got every sk** a sailor needs to know

We all have some gifts to share!
We believe in you, let's sail way over there!
This fleet will be unsinkable, you know!
We believe in you, let's go!

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