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Andrew Dost - Hoodwink lyrics

"So nevermind,...
Someday they will build monuments for us"

People like me walk out the door, we'll pull you out
Into the streets of far off countries
If I'm ready to go, how could I let you dwell
In delight?

So you see, all things are so bright and spiritual
These seeds are growing in extraordinary colors
I'm convinced. Even I believe that I have grown something
It's cased in light

Don't worry about me
I'm gone
Don't worry about me
I'm off in a distant place
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Where I can be the signifier
Not that which is signified
The referent, convincing us
For you my smile is like "bow, bow, bow, bow"

Out here there is no "under the skin"
And the form of every other
Is hidden under covers
So let us sleep in ease of dark

We couldn't rest
With this sense of duty hanging off of our chests
Peeled away
We had to get back
From where the grip of our own hands could lift us from
The failures in the eyes of men
To form our scales and weigh our works, good again

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