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Andrew Buscher - Nightlife lyrics

[Chorus: Billie Joe Armstrong]
Taking a ride to my old haunts
She's in my blood, I reside in my nightlife
My favorite color is candy apple, girl
And she resides in my mind of my nightlife

[Verse: Lady Cobra]
What's that I hear? You want to go for a ride?
Don't be afraid, boy, to come inside
I got that thing that you want, the fix that you need
Chase this with a little lust and greed
I'll be the devil on your shoulder saying "Hey, boy, come over"
My black heart beats crimson and clover
So operator, operator, patch my boy in
This is nightlife and I'll get under your skin


[Verse: Lady Cobra]
Short of breath, heart beats fast
Sounds like love but you know it won't last
Cheap champagne stain on an even cheaper suit
Hope there's more in your pants than a bus route
Red velvet halls line these sugar-coated walls
Girls hang on bar stools for late last calls
This town is full of snakes, mistakes and whiskey shakes
It's too late, I already cut the brakes
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[Billie Joe]
Well, I am rolling, strolling into town (Come inside)
Is it me or am I going crazy? (It's just you)
This dirty city is my sugar town (Sugar town)
My little angel of d**h is my night life

(Come inside)
(It's just you)
(Sugar town)

[Verse: Lady Cobra]
Gonna make a move before I get bored
If you wanna explore my vocal chord
Baby girl coco dancing the cooch
One hand on my knee, one hand on the hooch
Why don't you stick around for one more round?
This place is a circus and I know you'll be my clown
Cause I'm a ringleader, I run the show
And only when I tell ya it will be time to go


(Hey, boy) She is my nightlife
(Hey, boy) She is my nightlife
(Hey, boy) She is my nightlife
(See you later) She is my nightlife

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