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And The Kingdom Fell - The Jester Reprisal lyrics

My deliverance
A directive from below
Placed before your feet
Dripping from my lips
A grin in pure constraint
To redeem and balance inequality
Casualty of rotten greed and gluttony
Ama** your fortitude, the walls have now been breached
Let my laughter be the guidance through the fog
Lay them to rest, those who left us with nothing
I am the Jester reprisal
Saving your breath as the noose sinks in its teeth
I am the Jester reprisal
In such elegant eviscerations
Greet the gallows
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Dauntingly reciprocated antics
Juggled blades in lacerated tissues
Cleansing flames have purged my flesh
A masquerade of chaos
I implore your magistrate, now starving thin
Deceit in permanence, bereft of honest men
Under duress is born a scruple seeded filth
The carnival a**embled waiting my command
A penance to escape the onslaught of the dead
For I have bathed in broth of blood and beast of bull
Emasculate nobility to halt their spread
Subjugate their vanity to rotting flesh
Pillage the guilty by the hands of innocence
The entertainment of the oncoming collapse
Now a revelation of your aftermath in now upon
Take the pain salutations from the grave, obey your master

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