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And The Kingdom Fell - The Chaos Engine lyrics

To posses the privileged of a king presiding
Grasp around the throat of thought
A whispering in abdication
Manner of the astral plane authoritative
Shattered is the anima
The will of choice begins eroding
Fragments of the mind can now be conjugated
Recondite the hold of gaze
The mystic string it pulls and plays
The struggle of these puppets
So exacerbating
Behold my armor
I will create the escape of oblivion
I hold the staff with the j**el of vermilion
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I have the cube with the etching in cerulean
I am the face who controls the centillion
I have created a lie so blissful and serene
Their ignorance is bliss and they live blissfully
Behold the flowers of Eden in their withering
Embrace your destiny
Do you feel as fate is turning us
Gods in faithless sin are burning up
My methods are a means to ways in pruning
Weeds of orchids may flourish
And opposition stemmed from fear but moreover in fear is what I represent
Ten thousand futures I have seen
Only one where humanity exists
From my dominion of law

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