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And The Kingdom Fell - Deus Mortis lyrics

Amusing myself
Dullness I have endured
Gazing below
Spirit less realm
Expressing delight
Tails of the drowning rats
Halo of moon
In their pure faction

Cold grip of repose
Greeting an amenity
Cessation foretold
Remission of reality
Chanel not choice
Enthralled by impudence
Fickle humans
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In excrement they vacillate

I want the world to know that I exist

I am afraid that the trust of me
Will be the fate of you
Bit it's worth the apples

Amidst the swine exists a god

The final name inside this notebook
It will belong to you
But we k**ed the boredom

I must protect my fiedgling Utopia

I am the god of this new world

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