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Ancient Spheres - Sands Of Oblivion lyrics

[Music: Adolfo Bejarano. Lyrics: Adolfo Bejarano]

Your magic is mine...
Now you are mine...
And we are one...
The only one...

By the power of the ritual, we got all your magic
By the power of the ritual, we got all of you

I have all
All of your life
All the power from the sky
Look at you
You are inert
You are a dead sphere from the sky
Tara himself
Placed your power
To my hand, to be used for myself
All that power
Greatest power
Power of a thousand volcanoes
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See the Usuré...
All in ruins...
Eight heavens merged in one...

Ancient spirits...
Many presences...
Back to freedom from the underworld...

Ancient spheres of dead stone
You will roll and roll all this old lands
Until get covered by the sands
The dense sands of the oblivion!

You will see those spheres
Stacked in the sands of oblivion
As the only symbol of remembrance
Of the great magic of those spheres

Sands of oblivion...
Sands of oblivion...

"The ancient spheres now are just inert symbols, lost in time, time that nobody knows, Suráyum has a mysterious calm, at least for a while..."

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