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Ancient Spheres - Fire And Misery lyrics

[Music: Adolfo Bejarano. Lyrics: Adolfo Bejarano]

Close your eyes
See the future
There will be no mercy
You will fall at my feet

By my strong hand
By the shining
Pleads for mercy
There is no mercy

Spell fire...
Burning cold...
Spell fire...
Bring them all...

Now you are
The keeper of misery
Now you are
The one who lose

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Now take your sword
Rise you head and stand up
You will be defeated
It is your time to die

Fire and misery is what you get
Fire and misery will mark your offspring
Fire and misery is your sign
Fire and misery will remain


Oh father Sibú, please help us, keep away this misery
Oh father Sibú, please help us, keep away this burning...

Spell fire...
Burning cold... it is misery

"The Tara's bullets are the instrument that which created the cosmic signal that guided to Sibú from the stars in his chariot of fire to Suráyum, central place where converge the physical world and the underworld, powerful signal that not only attracted Sibú..."

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