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Anchorlines - Spineless lyrics

I still remember what you forgot
I stood by you no matter what
But things aren't always what they seem
You've proven that you're weak
Just know you're dead to me
Just know you're dead to me

I don't have sympathy for the ones who turn their backs on me
(I won't look to the past)
Because this future makes sense to me
I've given up on you, so do what you do best and leave.

Side by side through it all
I always thought you would have my back
You shut me out and now I see
The truth that's behind your lying eyes

Burn all the photographs
Dissolve these memories
I thought you stood so tall
Never thought I'd see you fall

This is what you've proven to me, you f**ing liar
You'll never admit when you are wrong
You'll never stand strong

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You said that things would be different
but you haven't changed
I wish you'd open up your eyes
and stop living in shame


You're just a memory I'm working to forget
I'll die a martyr before I live with regret
Look in my eyes and see there's nothing left
'cause all the world's oceans couldn't fill my empty chest

I will not stand by your side
I will not stand by your side

I'll take this to my grave
What once existed can never, ever be saved

You had every chance in the world
but you let it all burn
Your decisions will leave you cold and alone
You betrayed me
You chose your f**ing loyalty

You chose your loyalty
And now you're dead to me.

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