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Anchorlines - Choices lyrics

I'm taking back the life I used to have.
You try to tear at my pride, but you can't see through my eyes.
I'm sorry you think I failed you.
But I know where I came from and I know where I'm going.
It hurts me to see you like this,
but it hurts more from the outside looking in,
I define myself through this.
I'm here because of my choices, and through it all they've never left me with regrets.
I'm dying from the inside out and nothing can heal me. Silence is an ugly sound.

My manufactured happiness will only last so long.
Despite a heavy heart I'm taking steps to be strong.
So many broken promises and purpose betrayed.
We're not following orders, our future's being made.

We strayed from what they wanted and abandoned our needs.
Who needs you now?
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Can you f**ing hear me?
I'm screaming at the top of my lungs!
We have to keep moving or we'll fade away.
Shout it right in their faces...


A tragedy in the making, for fear of breaking we became unbreakable.
We're unbreakable!
You can't stop us now.

I tried to build something I could be proud of, but I was struggling to just survive.
Success and failure have paved the road I walk on, I will reach the end.

You lack purpose and direction,
letting it slip through your fingers like sand.
All you can do is s** mine away.
If you can't have it, no one can.

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