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Ancestral Volkhves - Silence At The End Of The Labyrinth lyrics

Look At The Sky, It Is So Hollow And Freezing World Is Calling For The Light Which Will Dispense
Good From The Evil And Life From The d**hWorld Dreams About New Existence, Which Pieces
Distracted Into The Elements In This Endless Darkness Wants To Fuse Into One
Spreaded Darkness In The Land Of Black Tyrant
Valleys Of Cries And Fields Of Sorrow
Forgotten Sun Has Burnt To The As Every Wishes Are Prisoned To The Flames
And Every Goodness Has A Wicked End
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And Every Life Ends By The d**h And Rebirth Of Another Goodness
Means Rebirth Of Another Evil
Silent Pain Leading To The Madness
d**h To The Gods Of Absurd Dreams
May The Return Of The Storms Of The Ages
Let Us Wake Up The Volcano Of Carnage
This Is My Spell Who Live In Pride And Disgust In Front Of Your Faces My Heart Was Bent By Darkness
And Its Beating Is The Celebration Of The d**h

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