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Ancestral Volkhves - Hark A Heathen Spell lyrics

O´ Pripegal, We Invoke Thee With Raised Hands Towards The Sky!
Accept The Sacrificial Victim, Drink Thy Daily Cup Of Blood
Let Down The Veil Of Slavery Sink
Set Our Brothers Free
Let´s Rejoice, Christ Is Defeated!!!

Sacred City Arkona On The Island Rujana
For Ages Unconquerable Bastion Of Slavs
An Island Surrounded By Sea With Access By Ship
And Wintry Valley Of Frost Ice

There Lived Them, Honor And Valor Ancestors
Fulfilled With Pride To All Of What They Had Made
There Lived Them, Strong And Wise Forefathers
Fulfilled With A Wish For A Peaceful Life

Mightest God Svantovit, Worshiped For Centuries
Thou Hast A Sacred White Horse
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Who Thou Ridest /Through/ Thy Domain With

May Thy Horn Of Wine Divine The Black Storm Of Perun
May The Age Of Volkhves Arise...
May The Sword Of Svantovit Protect Us From The Enemies!!!

Mother Earth Mokos Thou Art The Stream Of Life
Let Ziva Please My Lust At Thy Midnighted Altar
Grant Me The Key To Thy Majestic Mysteries
Embrace Me With Dark Powers Enshrined In Hidden Knowledge

Svarog, The Celestial Smith
Thou Hast Created All Laws And Things
Thou Art Our Master
We Praise The Son Of Thine
The Emperor Of Sun
Svarozic-Dazbog, Our Solar Lord
Thou Rulest The Fire
Our Lives … Thy Flame!!!

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