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Ancestral Volkhves - A Song For Perun lyrics

Be Hailed Perun! Hail The Fire-Haired God!

You, The One Regenerating The Yav', Don't Quit The Wheels Turning!
You, The One Who Led Us On The Legit Paths To Battle And Great Victory.
You Shoot Your Arrows Into Our Enemies
You Give Honour To Warriors!
You Are Rightful, And Merciful And Wise!
Oh Those Who Fell In Battle! Serve Well In Perun's Army!

We Are The Warriors
Not Variag, Not Greeks At All
But From A Famous Ancestry Of Slavs

We Stood Our Ground
And Battled With Our Enemies,
And When We Fall With Glory,
Then We Will Come To The Dales Of Svarog's Paradise

And Here The Others Will Come
And The Doorkeeper Will Open The Gate To Let Them In...
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...Into The Beautiful Iriy

And Sva-Mother Flaps Her Wings From Her Two Sides
Shining With Fiery Light
In Rainbow-Coloured Feathers

Shining Like The Sun-King!

She Goes Through Yasun'
And She Shines By Sevenfold Beauty
Bestowed To Her By The Gods.
And Perun Seeing Her
Strikes A Thunder In The Clear Skies.
And This Is Our Happiness,
And We Must Do All We Can With Strenght
To See How Old Life Separates From The New One

And Mother Slava Flaps Her Wings
And We Stand Under Our Banners
The Banners Of Yasun'!

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