Candace Cameron Bure expresses grief following Full House co-star Bob Saget's death at 65

by: Finita /

Candace Cameron Bure on Tuesday took to Instagram with an emotional statement as she continues to grieve her Full House co-star Bob Saget, who was found dead Sunday at the age of 65.

The 45-year-old Full House star posted an image of her hugging Saget at the two were seated in a pool area.

'Oh, Bob. Why’d you have to leave us so soon?' said Candace, who played D.J. Tanner-Fuller on the 80s hit and its Netflix reboot. 'We are all family, but you were the glue. The sticky, messy, squishy, sweet, lovable glue. My childhood is wrapped up in you, my formative teenaged years and the rest of adulthood.'

Like many of Saget's peers in the wake of his passing, Bure pointed out Saget's kind and expressive nature.

'You taught me to feel deeply at such a young age,' she said. 'You were never afraid or ashamed to share your emotions, to cry, to love, to laugh and say it out loud. We’ve always been so deeply connected since the day we met when I was 10 years old. You weren’t just like a father, but one of my closest friends in life.'

'I love you, I love you, I love you,' she said. 'You knew that. I knew that. But I have to say it again. I want one more hug. I want one more text that says, “oh, btw, it’s me Bob” after a long rant. I want one more laugh. I want to roll my eyes at you one more time.

'I want you to tell me to watch something but then tell me maybe I shouldn’t because of my faith.'

Bure recalled how Saget was 'always so protective of' her and 'cared about everything ... and everybody.

'There will never be another like you. I wish you could see the outpouring of love you have. You’ve certainly left a beautiful legacy in kindness, compassion, loyalty, generosity, and love. I’m not saying goodbye because you’ll never leave my heart. Even with this gigantic tear in it.'

Bure received kind and supportive words from friends such as Danica McKellar, Chelsea Hobbs, Lauren Zima and her daughter Natasha Bure in response to the post.

Bure was seen Monday visiting Saget's widow at the Brentwood, California home they shared, joining others including John Stamos, Jeff Ross and John Mayer in showing support to Saget's family amid the difficult time.

The Full House star and comedian was found dead in his bed Sunday in a Ritz-Carlton hotel room in Orlando, Florida, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office said. He had performed a two-hour show Saturday at Jacksonville's Ponte Vedra Concert Hall on his I Don’t Do Negative Comedy Tour.

Orange and Osceola Counties Chief Medical Examiner Joshua Stephany on Monday said in a news release that 'there is no evidence of drug use or foul play' in Saget's death following his autopsy.