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Amine - Bow Down lyrics

Straight to the spitting never need a fucking intro
City and the 'burbs, two worlds like a schizo
Going so hard I feel I could slice Kimbo
My voice is all you need when I'm on my Mike Winslow
Trynna find a bimbo who know just what she in fo'
Who know she better never ask me for my fucking pin code
Fuck a succubus I'm busting nuts up on a nympho
Cause when she get low, it's never cause we're playing limbo
Baby I don't give no fucks about no other shit
All about this rap game, 'till I'm fucking running it
Yes I'm taking over man I'm feeling that power
Sand nigga on the run you better call Jack Bauer
But he ain't gon' stop me, no, he can't get this job done
Even if he does I'll come right back because I'm God's son
So I call the studio the chapel in my basement
And I call this beat Mary Magdalene's replacement
Ooh Lord, show a little mercy
I'm trynna be you, tell me if I'm worthy
Only time I'm praying's when I'm hoping that they heard me
Getting dirty with these kids like I'm working with the clergy
I am the new school, suburban and nerdy
Bowing down to nobody make these other rappers curtsy
Fiending for fame I'm getting so Goddamn thirsty
So I'm killing musicians like Conrad Murray
These rappers are some bitches and I hold the leash
Lyricism that could baffle Mr. Dos Equis
He said Amin when I told the priest
I'm a fucking star, I'mma blow up cause I supernova beats
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Sharper than a Ginsu, looking like a Hindu
Rarely beefing but you don't know what you're getting into
Dead wrong if you don't think that I'm doing it big, dude
Can't believe I'm taking over like a fucking pig flew
So sick, flow slick like Crisco
You trynna do this music I'll leave you deader than Disco
I'm fee-fi-fo-fumming while you fucking tiptoe
You're fucking with a giant, I'mma Lambo, you're a Pinto
My lyrics are bullets flying out the fucking window
Loading up a cartridge ain't talking 'bout Nintendo
Keep the flow going never slowing down the tempo
So I'mma speed it up at the peak of the crescendo
Been a long time now and nobody think I still got it so I gotta spit this right
I'm about to make this bitch ignite, and put these hoes in a crypt tonight
Time and time again I got to turn back round and spit these flows
Balling like I'm with D. Rose, pissing on beats like kidney stones
Let me tell you who sucks, these rappers that talk too much
When you know you couldn't sell a double album for just two bucks
If y'all want to fuck with me, I'll leave you boys with blue nuts
Then I'll lay your whole career in white sheets like you was Ku Klux
I do not give two fucks, assassinate the magistrate
Don't ever try to judge me just sit back and let me fascinate
I battle fake rappers, smoke them and make them evaporate
I gotta do this cause Hip Hop is in a fragile state
So I spit doper than smoking on marijuana
I'm hot as the devil, just a rebel ain't wearing Prada
I could turn your crew to the army of Terracotta
I'm the savior like the son of Mary or Sarah Connor
So bow down

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