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Amine - Can I Cuuuut lyrics

[Verse 1:]
She say I'm not worthy
She think I'm too thirsty
So I leave her alone
Now she said she really want me
Look I don't know know games
Look I don't show no shame
Bitch I don't want to love
All a nigga want to do it cut
Oh she light skinned
Shawty kinda bouji
But I like them tits
Wait and that ass ridiculous
For her but that don't mean shit
Boy what the fuck you mean
Never let a woman come between
Friendships and that business what the fuck you think
Fuck foreplay
Girl this ain't what the fuck I play for
I'm trynna get straight to it
If you you ain't with that I'll find someone who is
One time for my niggas
Two times for my niggas
And if she ? all night
Tell her light these niggas

Can I cut right now
Can I cut right now
Can I cut right now
Can I cut
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Can I cut right now
[Verse 2:]
Bitch I'm back now
Bitches want to know who that is
I put the smack down
Like a nigga Stone Cold Steve Austin
Too much on her mind
So we fuckin' all the time
Call me Papi Aminé
I'm breakin' your bitches
And makin' a threeway
She a freak in disguise
So guess what
I throw her legs to the sky
She just want that dick
Call me Mr. Né when you want that shit
I don't know your name
I don't show now shame
Bitch I don't want to love
All a nigga wanna do is cut
Feel on the tits
While she givin me neck
I'm just breakin' her neck when her back on the wall
Act like I'm frontin' whenever we cuttin'
Cause use just want lovin and maybe a call
Shout out to baby that ass is so crazy
I'm just tryin' to come just excuse on my lateness
Bitches I love em
But always keep frontin'
So I made a song for your girl and your lover


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