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Amine - 25 lyrics

[Prod. By Jahosh]
[Verse 1: Amine]
She 25
Went back to school
Cause she lost her job
Takin' 25 credits just to get some leverage
Payin' $2,500 every damn semester
Professors never recognize her
Always skippin' cla** cause nobody taught her manners
Then she heads home unlike a vagabond
Evicted like her ex's dick is never let her back in
So she head to her friends just to kick it for a bit
Tried to get some brew
Only got 25 cents
But copped a new weave
sh** like 25 inch
Got a 25 waist with them 34 hips
Had dreams but the struggle got to her
Said f** her damn job
I'mma let n***as maneuver
In and now she got no friends
And now she cryin' on kitchen floor because she so helpless


[Verse 2: Amine]
He 25
Minus 5
Penalized for his crimes so he did some time
Stressed out he thinkin' suicide
Copped a 9
Then he broke down and cried
Couldn't do it
Felt like he was stupid
At least 25 angels went and helped them bullets
25s on his 05' Impala
Had b**hes jumpin' for him with that goddamn hydraulics
Wizard was that sizzurp' controlled him
Caught a 25 b**h just for 25 sticks
Got lucky
But he never learned his lesson
Went to the Louis store
Stole about 25 belts and wallets
Plus he had no knowledge
Cops was like 2 to 5 blocks from his house
And tried to get away but the feds just caught him
Tried to get his wallet
[Lyrics from: https:/]
But stereotypes got him shot and
He singin'


[Verse 3: Tos]
25 to life
25 to life
I got 20 on the paddle
f** puttin' up fight
f** puttin' up fight
Its the weekend
It's the freakin weekend
I need a freak in the deep end
Past 25 feet in
This past week got me thinkin'
The hardest part about my life is
Trynna write in
16 lines how my life is
Times spent priceless
Still try to bite in
So I want it like ninety
So I wonder like Stevie
What's wrong
What's right
Two chicks
One black one white
But the same at night
Okay f** misogamy
Need at least dos
And as long as both need Tos
No problemo they gone get what they want
They gone get this work
f** all your feelings
We all living tryin' to make a livin'
Harder for a 5 tryin' make a k**in'
Hard day worker just to spend it all sinnin'
Lord willin'
Stop being fearful and careless
Stop being fearless and careful
Lookin' in the mirror like look at you
You a king I should kneel to you
New folks couldn't say no hablo ingles
Nights and nightmares and then the day starts right here
And time probably die here
Can't tell if I'm alive here


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