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Amine - Beast lyrics

Yeah, bitch I'm back
I'm back again
I'm feeling good, better than I ever been
It's West side 'til a nigga D. I. E.,
And where I'm I'm from
Mother fucka' 5-0-tree
I don't fuck with niggas who bitter
And back pedal, the fact is...
You lame
Homie got a vendetta but
Never get it together, your best friend
Im looking at life in a different light
I'm a beast in disguise
Waking up this morning, I got
Crust in my eyes
Funny how the money make a nigga go blind
Subliminal shots
That be for kids
Look at the clock
I'm sick of my wrist
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Shoutout to Meech
That's my nigga and shit
I color [?] oh, yeah
We lit in this bitch
L-er than L, sicker than sick
Ride for my dogs like a nigga Mike Vick
Who you know can rap like this?
You fucks with me like your first name [?]
My bars on freeze, that mean
I'm cold, nigga you know
These (nuts) don't play around
TMI, TMI, but you notice now
I'm a beast, I'm a beast
I got money on my mind
If a nigga gotta eat, I'm [?]
Bet a nigga dine
When I'm talking to my brio
He said all I got is time
I'm a beast motherfucker
You can hear it in my lines like


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