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Amine - Bother - Les Sins (Aminé Remix) lyrics

Don't bother me
I'm workin'
Don't bother me
I'm workin'
Don't bother me
I'm workin'
Don't bother me
I'm workin'
Don't bother me
I'm workin'

[Verse 1:]
P.O Nigga
So I pour on bitches
Made me the shit
Who is you kiddin'
Funny to a nigga how I fucked your misses
Whoa kemosabe words be my hobby
Blonde in my dreads
And I shake it like I'm Marley
Give me that funk that gushy stuff
Baby don't be flattered only in a rush
Pop pop pop
When I wanna' knock knock
If them niggas cock block
Then they probably won't stop
Give 'em leash
Let them have a chance
Pussy probably only be as whole like plan
Who you know got my ideas
What if Cam'Ron had a baby with [?]
And I'm so so stern
Like my name is Howard
See I didn't catch that how awkward
Rock all black like my dad [?]
Say I'm so childish
Name ain't Bino
Kappa bitches always on the rock
Rock chinos
Every Sunday lattes and cappuccinos
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Who you know rap like this
They say I invented records and the team so [?]
If them niggas hate I consider them kids
Cause them real niggas don't give a fuck about shit
Explicit mommy forgive me
This is how I act when I feel a little tipsy
Bad boy but I don't know Diddy
I showed the fuck Janet Jackson's titties
(Hol up)
She wanna wine and dine
Love is just a word and I hear it all the time
How you let four letters [?] your life
Pick up the tab maybe get you a dime
Mulah be the ruler these days
And hoes break a neck when they see the bentley
Bank account drop you ain't even got 2k
But homie at the crib always playing 2k
Nigga don't bother me
I'm workin'
[Verse 2:]
Rap till I d-i-e
Fuck a truce nigga that's a l-i-e
Frontin' like you don't know me
When you always retweet on the n-e-t
Baby I'mma B-r-b
That's the remedy if she got a k-i-d
Love to my G-o-d
I just get overwhelmed when I see a p-o-p
0 to infinit when I'm in it
Cause my lifestyle don't got limits
Up on your block
With my cock out like can I just hit it
I'm workin'
From the 503
Where the trees grow fast
And the hoes got weed
Oh no not me
But I do OD off hennessey
I'm flyer than fly
All of these levels
I'm higher than high

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