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Amel Larrieux - Down lyrics

Where I'm going is down
'Cause you danced me around
Made me too dizzy to see

Boy did you let me down
There's a permanent frown
Where my smile used to be

Pride has kept me from crawling
But sorrow is constantly calling
'Cause you are the man who's not falling for me

I'm the fool of the town
Someone send in the clowns
That song's about me

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Carelessly I let you saunter in
And out of the chambers of my heart
Disguised as a gentleman
Heartlessly and much to my chagrin
You quickened your step as you left
And that's where my soliloquy begins

Down isn't it profound
You're the wolf on the bound
I'm the helpless sheep

Down my heart makes not a sound
It's somewhere on the ground
Breaking...beneath my feet


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