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Amanda Black - Sabela lyrics

I've been walking down this road alone
picking up the pieces that i've lost along the,
i can hear her she's calling me, ndimvile uth'ixesha lakho lifikile
i can hear her

Uthi sabela uyabizwa (x2)

The old me is dead buried away
she's screaming i wasn't ready to die
oh i can hear her she's calling me
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ndimvile uth'ixesha lakho lifikile,
she's calling me yeah


I can hear her she's calling me,
i can hear her
i can i can hear her, she is calling me i
can hear her,
Uth'ixesha lakho, uth'ixesha lakho,lifikele (x2)

*** Thanks Thandeka Mthimunye for the lyrics

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