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Alice Peacock - All Consuming Love lyrics

I knew I'd seen your face before
When I was in a fever
You took my hand
And wiped my brow
Like a butterfly
To a dying flame
I'm drawn to you
Fold me in your arms
Fold me in

Take me down to the water
Take me under, set me free
I want to be your lover, sister, daughter
Want to be your fantasy

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I said this wouldn't happen again
Swore it on the heavens above
But like a lamb to the slaughter
Can't fight this all consuming
Love me, break me
Take me down
In ecstasy

If I had to tell my story again
It's been written in your eyes
And could I get so close to you
I'd melt away
I wanna hear you say
That you're never gonna leave
Wanna hear you say it
Say it baby

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